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Bajingobomb Presents: Real Baddies of Badness

Bajingobomb presents:

Real Baddies of Badness

(Real Baddies of Badness)

Today we salute you, Mr. “Can’t AoE Tank in WotLK” Tank Guy

(Mr. “Can’t AoE Tank in WotLK” Tank Guy!)

Even when Blizzard eliminates the need for CC and gives you oodles of AoE threat gen, you still drop the ball.

(Ain’t need no Shockwave!)

Pull after pull, you sit idly by as DPS and Healers get smacked in the face.

(Didn’t seeeeeee that pat comin’!)

So go repair your broken weapon, Simpleton with a Shield, this rez is for you.

(Mr. “Can’t AoE Tank in WotLK” Tank Guyyyyy…)


3.1 Preview – Not Even a New Icon?

I know this is a few days late, but I just wanted to point out that Mage was again the “Class Most Likely to be Shit Upon” in the first round of previews for the upcoming 3.1 content patch.  Each class got a few interesting little morsels to chew – a few new things to look forward to in 3.1 be they ability changes or talent swaps or whatever.   Mages, however, got this:

Improved Water Elemental – this talent has been removed and replaced with a new talent that grants Replenishment (similar to Shadow priests).

We are also working on a way to give frost mages Ice Lance “Shatter combos” in PvE.

We are also working on more survivability for Fire spec in PvP.

We are also working on making Spirit a more useful and interesting stat for all mages.

Later, Ghostcrawler was quoted in saying “Hey guys we came up with some cool stuff for everybody else, but we’re just can’t figure out what to do with you yet.  We’re kinda hoping  you’ll just get distracted by your flashy spell effects.  If not, we’ll probably just make all of your talents scale with Spirit so you have to gem for it.  Cuz why not.  Eat shit, bitches!”

A Most Amazingly Salty Sixty Seconds

So I’ve been gradually chipping away at the Accomplished Angler achievement for the last few weeks since I maxed out my fishing.  This morning I was thrilled to finally see Bait Bandits pop up as the Outland fishing daily quest for the first time since I’ve started working on them.  This finally knocked out my Old Man Barlowed achievement after nearly 4 weeks of waiting.  With this one out of the way, it left me with only Master Angler of Stranglethorn and One That Didn’t Get Away yet to complete for my Salty title.  The Stranglethorn achievement is a crap shoot, but One That Didn’t Get Away is truly, deeply, 100% based on luck.  Read a bit about it and you’ll see that most catch counts put these fish at about a 1:2000 chance to be caught.  I’ve logged nearly 3,000 catches in Northrend alone looking for a Dark Herring, with no success.

I then headed down to Stranglethorn for the Fishing Extravaganza, pretty confident that I could win the thing now that I was actually awake early enough on a Sunday to catch the start of it.  Things were going according to plan, I was nearing the finish line, and then something incredible happened…

Yeah.  I about wet myself.

PS – My condolances to Rektam, who lost by 15/10/3/.5 seconds (depending on when you asked him).  You’ll get it next week, buddy 😀

Ok, so more nerfs inc prob

Just wanted to share with everyone a few experiences I had while traveling from Dun Morogh to Elwynn Forest by way of the Deeprun Tram today.  It seems that Death Knights (especially those in good guilds with mostly best-in-slot gear) might still be a little bit too insane for the average “casual gamer” that Blizzard has taken to catering to.

The first leg of my adventure involved a Fury Warrior who jumped me in Tinkertown while my ghoul and I were playing with a handfull of Ironforge guards.  This guy charged in and unloaded everything he could on me, so natrually I was at about 80% by the time IBF and Bone Shield were gone.  Not only did this guy die, but he served as the perfect target for the Howling Blast which also finished off the last 3 guards my ghoul hadn’t finished with yet.

Next, I encountered a Warlock on a fishing dock in Stormwind who decided it would be novel to DoT me up while I was running down the canals minding my own business.  This dude thought it was hilarious that he knocked me off my horse in the water while he was safely up on the dock and was amused to /laugh at me several times while his DoTs ticked away.  His laugh-fest was abruptly stopped when he was Death Gripped into the canal with me, silenced, and subsequently killed in roughly 5 seconds.  Oh, and the DoTs took me to something like 85% health because gg AMS.

The final and most hilarious encounter took place on the outskirts of Goldshire, where a Balance Druid and Enhancement Shaman decided to put an end to my foolishness.  Now I realize Army of the Dead cannot be used in Arena matches, but damn if you can’t use them in Alliance starting zones.  My undead minions destroyed Treant and Spirit Wolf alike, although granted they quickly died to the Druid’s starfall.  The best part of this fight was, with all of their best cooldowns blown, my ghoul literally solo’d the balance druid (I may have helped him by telling him to wait to Gnaw until he tried to heal himself), while I beat the crap out of the Shaman.  Again, IBF and Boneshield win, and being able to also use AMS on top of it pretty much means anything a Shaman can do to me hits for nothing.  Both of these guys died, though I was around 20% by the time the fight ended.  Here’s the best part though…

With the fight over, another random Druid shows up and begins nuking me while im bandaging, leaving me at about 30% HP.  This guy gets yanked over to me, the ghoul leaps up his ass, and we kill this guy before he knows what happened.  So essentially, i won a 2-on-1 fight, and then won another 1-on-1 starting at 30% HP, all without even popping my damage-increasing cooldowns.

No wonder kids bitch up a storm about DK’s in PvP…I don’t really Arena much (see: never), so I hadn’t really seen it first-hand until today.  I can imagine we’ll be seeing more changes coming eventually, cuz even I have to admit some of this stuff just isn’t fair.

Funny as hell, but not fair :p