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My Mage Sucks in WotLK, too – Divine Plea

Blizzard unveiled a whole slew of changes for the WotLK beta again yesterday – like, a lot of stuff.

Notably, mages saw some changes to the fire tree which appear to relegate it to the red-headed step-child pvp spec, tugging at the robes of frost begging for attention and one of the cookies.

But we’ll leave fire for another time.  Today, we’re actually going to discuss an interesting Paladin change which is actually an indirect ‘fuck you!’ to the Mage class straight from Blizzard:

Yup, that’s a shiny new version of Evocation for Paladins.  Oh, wait, my bad… I meant it WOULD be Evocation if it wasn’t better.

Evocation – 60% mana return, 8 second channel, 8 minute cooldown.

(7.5% total mana returned per second, 0.93% mana returned per minute)


Divine Plea – 50% mana return, 6 second channel, 5 minute cooldown.

(8.33% mana returned per second, 1.67% mana returned per minute)

Yup, nice big middle finger.

Let’s take the healing class which gets 60% refunds every time they crit (which is often) and give them better mana return with less downtime than the class which gets 30% refund on crits (if you aren’t specced retarded for raiding) and needs a shadow priest to even stay in the fight.

Oh, and by the way, you’re all gonna be raiding Arcane in WotLK, so have fun waiting out that Evocation timer.


Mages Failing at Mage #7 – 6/44/11 what…?

By popular request, this post highlights the universally retarded spec used by one Cyntil, a mage in the guild <Valhalla> on the Malfurion server.  I mention the server, of course, because every server has a creatively-named <Valhalla> guild so it can be difficult to track them down and laugh at them if I don’t specify.

Anyhoo, have a look at this young fella’s spec.  Can you say 2% chance for a free cast?  Certainly better than picking up those extra AoE spells.  After all, its not like a shadow priest plus gems/pots/molten armor/etc is enough or anything, you most definitely need that extra mana conservation every once in a while!

It’s worth noting that Cyntil’s guild has only successfully killed Kalecgos three times, begging the question – what does Cyntil do with the mana he saves through 1/5 Clearcasting if he’s obviously not using it to decurse?

**Update (08.01.08):  After seeing this blog and being lambasted for his sheer idiocy, Cyntil has not only respecced to the standard Deep Fire raid spec, but also transfered to Blackhand in utter disgrace**

My Mage Sucks in Sunwell – Kil’Jaeden

Chances are, if you play a mage, you haven’t seen Kil’Jaeden (or maybe anything past Kalecgos). This is because, well, mages are bad and Kil’Jaeden does not dick around. In fact, as the last boss in the game, he’s pretty much the opposite of a mage.

However, Blizzard, in their infinite grace and wisdom, decided when designing Kil’Jaeden they would do something that would throw everybody for a loop and make bringing mages a decent idea!
That’s right kids, it’s kinda nice having a mage or two on Kil’Jaeden!

Why? Well, cuz it’s the only raid encounter where mages don’t actually have to be mages! They get to be dragons! They get to flap around, contribute to the raid, and keep all the good dps and healers alive with sparkly shields! In fact, if you DON’T bring mages, you actually have to waste some of your actual dps to fly around as dragons – and who wants that?

So here’s the conclusion – Blizzard doesn’t want mages to be left out of seeing Kil’Jaeden, so they came up with a mechanic to give us a raid spot. Oh and yeah, I guess it’s partially because Mages have Blink, which makes them sweet at getting to orbs…but…coincidence.

Thanks Blizz, next maybe you can think of some sweet talents for the xpac!

My Mage Sucks in WotLK, too – Initial Class Changes Revealed

Blizzard has lifted the NDA on Wrath of the Lich King content now that the alpha has officially closed.  As a result, news sites are now flooding with tons of official patch notes for the first round of the beta test.  We’ve already seen lots of leaks concerning major changes to classes like Shamans and Warlocks – but now, for the first time – we get a look at the initial changes to the Mage class:

  • Arcane Focus (Arcane) is now 3 ranks and increases chance to hit and reduces mana cost of Arcane spells by 1/2/3%.
  • Counterspell now costs 9% of base mana.
  • Frost Armor, Ice Armor, Mage Armor and Molten Armor are no longer Magic effects and cannot be dispelled.
  • Invisibility now makes the caster invisible after 3 seconds, reduced from 5 seconds.
  • Magic Attunement (Arcane) now also increases the range of your Arcane spells by 3/6 yards.
  • Polymorph now costs 12% of base mana.
  • Portal spells now cost 18% of base mana.
  • Prismatic Cloak (Arcane) now also reduces the fade time of Invisibility by 1/2 seconds.
  • Slow Fall now costs 6% of base mana.
  • Teleport spells now cost 9% of base mana.

Oh boy!  Everything costs more mana and arcane mages get less bonus to hit!  Not only do mages have by far the shortest list of changes, but also the most negative changes of any class listed!

GG Blizz, just delete the fuckin class.

btw, STILL farming those DK mats…

Mages in Good Guilds – Devierum Downs M’uru

Even though mages totally suck, even the best raiding guilds need water fountains.  As such, Elphaba was able to accompany his guild on it’s first kill of M’uru.  Check it out:

The kill took place on Sunday, July 13th – two days BEFORE the M’uru nerf.  So yeah, we’re pretty sweet.
With this kill, <Devierum> officially became #64 US, #150 Worldwide.  Not too shabby for having 3 raiding mages!

While you’re at it, check out Devierum’s other Sunwell videos!

Mages Failing at Mage #6 – Switching from Fire to Arcane

Bad idea, stop trying it.  Seriously, just stop.

Highlight of this thread is not actually the OP, but the genius who replied with this novel idea:

Wouldn’t you want to spam Arcane Blast until Evocation + 3 spirit ticks + mana potion + mana gem would just top your mana off?”

Yep!  And then you could spam AB again!  And then you could wand for a good long while!  And then the boss would be at 85%!

Still farming those DK mats, btw!

Mages Failing at Mage #5 – Reading Comprehension

I really don’t even know what to say about this one.

Really, no words.