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My mage sucks in WotLK, too – Burnout

As most of you have probably seen by now, preliminary mage talents have been leaked for Wrath of the Lich King. There is some interesting stuff in all three trees, but one talent sticks out like a giant dong hitting you in the eye – Burnout.

Burnout Talent

First off, yes, 25% crit damage bonus to fire spells is HUGE.  Thats 175% damage on the initial hit PLUS an even beefier 40% ignite DoT.  But losing 5% of your mana whenever you crit with a fire spell?  Yep, that’s right, crit too much and you’re fucked, kids.  I’ll grant that maybe the tooltip is just poorly worded, but even that could go either way…

1.  Lose 5% of TOTAL mana – just horrible, doesn’t even need explanation.

2. Lose 5% of REMAINING mana – still horrible.

3. Lose an additional 5% of the mana cost of the spell – This is workable, and is the only reasonable way this talent would be acceptable.  This loss would basically serve to offset the mana you gain back from crits with Master of the Elements, which I would accept happily for the sake of the 25% bonus damage.

So let’s say even with the best-case scenario above, you’re losing mana for every crit, but your shadow priests mana return is getting nerfed, your evocate is regenerating less mana at 80 than it did at 70, AND you have a passive talent which guarantees crits if you get enough in a row (Hot Streak, also new for WotLK).  Put it all together and you’ve got a serious mana problem, unless there are some other major changes on the way…but that remains to be seen.

Of course, you could also argue that Arcane is looking to be the new resident raid spec in WotLK as well.  But then the point of this blog still stands, because Arcane sucks on principle.  We’ll have to see how this plays out, but at the moment it looks like the fire mages damage output will be similar to a 16 year old getting laid for the first time – hard and strong for about 60 seconds and then spending the next 5 minutes apologizing for yourself.


5 responses

  1. Valmordas

    Pretty much all of the new talents are absolutely horrid. Winter’s Grasp was the best with 20% chance to apply the effect – making frost mages the raid spec of choice because they have synergy, but its been changed to 10%.

    This still isn’t bad for the raid mage but horrible for pvp, this effect will be on even less than frostbite is presuming u even get a chance to frostbolt anything. WE was 30% more int/stam 30 sec longer dura, now 15% and 15%.

    This class wont survive if these changes are implemented. Every mage who isnt a complete retard will reroll deathknight – and they will prolly outdps us in raids too.

    June 23, 2008 at 9:04 pm

  2. Arvak

    Shut up and put your healing gear back on.

    June 23, 2008 at 9:51 pm

  3. Eishen

    According to MMOchampion all levels of burnout makes you “only” lost 1% of mana, a 25% vs 1% being more acceptable? perhaps…

    But i am farming for my Dk too

    July 11, 2008 at 8:28 am

  4. Boom your dead

    If it does turn out to be 5% mana loss then im just going to avoid getting it and put the 5 extra points in somthing else, 5% mana is hard on fire spec…but i do hope your right its the lesser of the evil’s.

    July 18, 2008 at 5:51 pm

  5. matt

    ive been a mage since a year into TBC (was a warrior first, went dps in tbc, bad mistake), anyway, being a mage in Wrath, i seea huge difference in haste, dps, and threat. in TBC frost was the spec to use in TBC heroic dungeons (didnt get the chance to raid TBC). now frost seems almost usless, in pve. ive been arcane since lvl 10, went frost in TBC, then back to arcane, and i have to say , that if youre not gear efficient then arcane is the spec to be, without the added gear, i feel that the othe rtwo specs are a waste.

    dps wise, fire or frostfire specs are a waste without the top tier gear, and the only way to compete to get into a 25 VOA or a 25 man raid in general is to be arcane to get the default bonus damage, which is a shame because to get the gemmed buffs of gear, sometimes you cant get that extra haste, or crit, you are forced to get somthing that you dont want to gem, which inturn makes you less likely to deal that extra 7 spell damage. my off spec in dual talant is an arcane/frost spec which i thought would work out, i get low mana cost, speed of the frostbolt, frostfire bolt (or so i thought), however, i get about 2100 dps in that spec. in main spec arcane i can pull around 2400-3000 dps depending on the group. full fire with frost into icy veins for some reason i get about 1400-2000 dps. bad for fire.

    i feel that blizzard shoudl revamp the abilities of mages to allow them to get what they should get without gemming somthing ou dont need to get somthing you wnat which in turn lowers yoru dps

    threat wise, TBC i was taking threat with running full frost and haste rating gems, top dps in any heroic dungeon i was in unless it were a hunter or rouge. but it wasnt a far second. i feel that mages have had a huge back lash of problems from the talent trees, and since the spell power talent in arcane was push down a couple notches it made cross specing with arcane kind of useless, and ha sforced mages to go single spec with about 10 or 11 points into an off spec.

    by no means do i feel that mages need such a huge down fall of the spec tree.

    August 17, 2009 at 2:45 am

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