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My Mage Sucks, A Lot of People Think So!

‘My Mage Sucks’ was recently listed on the WordPress Blogs of the Day ‘Top 100 Growing Blogs‘ list!

#77 Baby!

Thanks for all the support and dedication to the suck!


My Mage Sucks at Blizzard WWI, too!

The Blizzard World Wide Invitational began today, with the biggest news probably being the announcement of Diablo 3!
However, on the WoW front, the WWI featured panel discussion with one panelist dedicated to each class in the game.  Each of these guys revealed some interesting new stuff about the new features available to the classes in WotLK…

…except for the mage!

Here’s all the info we got:

Awesome New Mage Info!

Yep, that’s it!  Everybody go home!

And reroll an enhancement shaman!

Mages Failing at Mage #2 – Comparing Mages to Rogues End-Game

Spotted a post on the Blizzard forums just now which *seriously* poses the question – how do mages compare to rogues in terms of dps? If you’re having trouble understanding the question, ask yourself how being given 100 dollars compares to having your toenails pulled out.
Bonus points in this post go to the guy who covers up the pathetic dps of our “pure dps class” and makes himself feel better by knocking on ret pallies.

shadow priest
Main tank
ret pally

Your dps meters should look like that if everyone has roughly the same level of gear.”


The trend is then picked up by the subsequent self-haters. It’s actually sort of touching, seeing them all bond over their mutual sadness.

My mage sucks in WotLK, too – Burnout

As most of you have probably seen by now, preliminary mage talents have been leaked for Wrath of the Lich King. There is some interesting stuff in all three trees, but one talent sticks out like a giant dong hitting you in the eye – Burnout.

Burnout Talent

First off, yes, 25% crit damage bonus to fire spells is HUGE.  Thats 175% damage on the initial hit PLUS an even beefier 40% ignite DoT.  But losing 5% of your mana whenever you crit with a fire spell?  Yep, that’s right, crit too much and you’re fucked, kids.  I’ll grant that maybe the tooltip is just poorly worded, but even that could go either way…

1.  Lose 5% of TOTAL mana – just horrible, doesn’t even need explanation.

2. Lose 5% of REMAINING mana – still horrible.

3. Lose an additional 5% of the mana cost of the spell – This is workable, and is the only reasonable way this talent would be acceptable.  This loss would basically serve to offset the mana you gain back from crits with Master of the Elements, which I would accept happily for the sake of the 25% bonus damage.

So let’s say even with the best-case scenario above, you’re losing mana for every crit, but your shadow priests mana return is getting nerfed, your evocate is regenerating less mana at 80 than it did at 70, AND you have a passive talent which guarantees crits if you get enough in a row (Hot Streak, also new for WotLK).  Put it all together and you’ve got a serious mana problem, unless there are some other major changes on the way…but that remains to be seen.

Of course, you could also argue that Arcane is looking to be the new resident raid spec in WotLK as well.  But then the point of this blog still stands, because Arcane sucks on principle.  We’ll have to see how this plays out, but at the moment it looks like the fire mages damage output will be similar to a 16 year old getting laid for the first time – hard and strong for about 60 seconds and then spending the next 5 minutes apologizing for yourself.

Mages Failing at Mage #1: Illidari Council Tanking

The Illidari Council (Do Not Necessarily Need to be Hit to be Killed)

OP asks simply what he needs to do to optimize his ability to tank the Illidari Council fight.  The result?  Some intelligent suggestions surrounded by a bunch of idiots suggesting that hit cap isnt necessary.

Hitcap is kinda not all that big a deal, you’ve got a full two minutes to steal another Dampen and he recasts it about every minute.”

Sure you get a few chances to steal the buff before it drops, but by the grace of God, you’ll land at least one of those steals!  That’s the way to raid, kids!

The Post…

The Fire Mage’s Guide to Al’ar

lol fire-immune bosses…let’s make fire the best raid spec!


Invisibility, Blizzard’s Cruel Joke

Awesome thread on mage forums, just laughed my ass off for a good 10 minutes:

HAHA Is this spell even serious? First of all the 5sec is worthless. By the time I get invis I already have hunters mark or something else on me.

And you never ever see another invis unit while invis. It’s worthless to find a rogue. Perception stomps on this thing.

So basically, Blizzard please make it instant or just get rid of it. It insults me to even have it.